Lucky 13s Tattoo Aftercare

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Lucky 13s Tattoo Aftercare

An Attention-Getting Tattoo That Gets Compliments Starts Here

You work hard. Isn’t it time to get a tattoo aftercare regiment that works as hard as you? 

Lucky 13’s is the place to get the all-natural aftercare products you need to ensure your body art stays vibrant throughout the years.

Better And All-Natural Compared To “Mainstream” Products

All the “other” aftercare products contain harsh chemicals, toxins, and petroleum that harm your skin and cause reactions to sensitive skin. Why treat something precious and fragile such as your tattoo with something that can easily cause it to fade? 

That’s why we created Lucky 13’s products with you in mind. You want to keep your body art clear and bright and show them off, even in the sun. And you love it when people say “Let me check out your tattoo…” 

Lucky 13’s ensures the compliments will keep coming for years to come. And you can use our products with confidence because they won’t irritate your skin because everything is all-natural. 

Our motto is if the ingredient doesn’t exist in nature, we don’t use it!

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Lucky 13’s was created out of necessity. We loved expressing ourselves and standing out thanks to our tattoos. We also loved showing them off to our family, friends, and co-workers. 

But we asked the big question: 

Why should we put “mainstream” aftercare products that were chock full of chemicals, toxins, and petroleum that made our skin smell, feel greasy, or even suffocate the skin?  

We thought we deserved better, and you do too. That’s why Lucky 13’s was born - to help you have the best-looking tattoos possible so you can express yourself and be proud of them. 

So don’t be stingy when it comes to tattoo aftercare. Your tattoo can last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. That’s why our mission is to provide the best tattoo aftercare regimen possible so you can keep expressing your personality and milestones through your body art. 


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