Hot off the Press

March 23, 2021

Hot off the Press Live

Monday - Friday 10 O'Clock am Pacific Standard Time

logo.JPG (131 KB)Hot off the Press Live is Racketeer Radio KFQXs' flagship program coming to you daily, Monday through Friday at 10 am Pacific Standard Time, Live from Seattle, Wa. Hosted by Owner & Operator, Ace Hartmann.

Hot off the Press Requests  Racketeer Radio KFQX has made it easy for you to hear your favorite new tunes! Download the Racketeer Radio App, avaialable on both Apple and Android Markets. Go to Hot off the Press Requests in the menu, Select or Search your favorite new song, send us a message and tune into Hot off the Press Live and hear your request only on Racketeer Radio KFQX!          

       Ace me.JPG (98 KB)Hartmann brings you the style of the Radio Disc Jockeys of the days of the Golden Age. Each and every day, Ace Hartmann goes on air swinging, giving jabs of introductions throughout his self made playlist. The self proclaimed 'Golden Gloves of Radio' wants to bring back the way radio once was, so he comes on air with the sole purpose to get Artists and Bands discovered to listeners, to help promote, support and spread the best of todays music that has been inspired by the sounds of the Golden Age (1920s - 1950s), keeping the sounds alive. 

Tune in to Hot off the Press Live and get Updates, News and Information. Who knows who may stop by to Talk Shop. Here is, who has. Find our previous archive of Guests on Talking Shop. 


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