Bad Time Records launches "Uncle Style Records"

August 07, 2023

Bad Time Records owner Mike Sosinski Launches "Uncle Style Records"

Bad Time Records owner Mike Sosinski has launched a new project, "Uncle Style Records", which will represent a more loosely genre-specfic grouping of punk and punk-adjacent bands.  The first four bands to sign on with the label are Massachusetts  based Hell Beach (formerly Secret Spirit), Brace Face from Maryland, Boardroom Heroes from DC, and Eat Defeat from Leeds UK.  There is a compilation of new tracks from each band now streaming, and also available as a 7" from the label's new home at

The label also announced
Hell Beach, Brace Face, Eat Defeat, and Boardroom Heroes announced as the first 4 label bands

A vinyl release of Brace Face's LP "Don't Lose Your Dinosaur" with a streaming release of 9/1, plus a digital self-titled EP from Hell Beach on 8/18.

Mike Sosinski says of the new label;

 "I started Bad Time Records 5 years ago to give a platform to ska and ska punk bands who had never had a platform... in doing that, one of the biggest things I've learned is that I just love running a label and working with my friends to get their music heard.  While of course most of my world revolves around ska, I've had many very close friends in decidedly non-ska bands come to me and say "if we write just a couple ska parts... could we be on bad time?".  I understood that this was always mostly a joke, but it really got me thinking... while I will always support, uplift, and work my hardest for those who need the help in the ska scene... isn't it a shame that I have to exclude some wonderful folks from this community purely because of their genre?  To be 100% clear: Bad Time Records will always be a ska / ska-punk label. Period. "Ska defines me as a person, and I will never turn my back on ska", etc. But for everything else... there's Uncle Style.  And I am so excited to see where that takes us."

You can follow Uncle Style on Instagram and Twitter @UncleStyleRecords or best yet go to

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