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Cherry Poppin Daddies Release Newest Single from Upcoming Album!

October 26, 2023

Cherry Poppin Daddies released the news on their social media about their fouth single from the upcoming Album. "Thrill Thing" the title of the single is now availble and Steve Perry, lead singer of Cherry Poppin Daddies, had the following to say about what inspired him to write and arrange this tune:

“One of the Swing styles I haven’t really tackled that much that I very much wanted to was major scale, less pentatonic 1940’s Golden Era, Big Band Swing. It’s difficult to arrange something for 8 instruments that gives you that Big Band feeling. But in “Thrill Thing” I tried to go for a lite feeling confection that utilizes both Boogie Woogie and stride piano. I used a 3 piece, faux Andrews Sisters in the call and response of the refrain that helps with the vibe. I haven’t written a lot of mid tempo dance grooves for the setlist either and this ticks that box nicely. Lyrically, this is another “My girl is red hot” appreciation song. On this record there is a lot of trying to tie in the “primal” to what is popularly thought of as a buttoned up, bloodless genre. I’m trying to show the undercurrents that flow into the exuberance of Swing, I guess.”

Cherry Poppin dates will be returning to Seattles' Dimitrious Jazz Alley' November 14-16 2023. Tickets are now available!

You can also here Cherry Poppin Daddies three previous singles here on Racketeer Radio KFQX


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