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Daniel Glass Releases 'Journey of a Thousand Miles'

May 08, 2024

Daniel Glass Invites You To Take A New Step On His 'Journey'

From Royal Crown Revue, Rhythm Club All-Stars to his Daniel Glass Trio, Daniel Glass has been writing, creating, performing music around the world for decades and now he continues to create a new path with his new release, 'Journey of a Thousand Miles'.  A compilation that contains an eclectic mix of tunes from various bands he has led throughout his 30+ year career. It also includes two unreleased tracks, plus a CD-style booklet of liner notes Daniel Glass has personally put together for all you old-skool geeks who absolutely NEED to know the full story.

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"I’m about to take a new first step. I’ve created an online platform/blog called Music in Motion. Moving forward, this will be the space where I’ll host the majority of my online content." This is how you will recieve the new compilation album from Daniel Glass, simply sign up to his free blog, Music in Motion and you will be sent a link to digitally download his new album. 

"As many of you know, I’ve been a strong creator of internet content for more than a decade. You know that my goal is to consistently deliver great content that's designed to inspire, educate and motivate! 

But there's a problem. While the conversations on social media are great, many people have complained to me that they only get to see what the algorithm gods of Facebook and Instagram decide to randomly drop into their timeline. With the new Music In Motion platform, you’ll be able to scroll through all of my content in one place … whenever you want. 

And unlike Substack or Patreon sites, there will be no cost to access Music in Motion. Best of all, when you subscribe, I’ll send you a free copy of my new album, which (in honor of this new endeavor) I've entitled Journey Of A Thousand Miles."

You may Daniel Glass from his world renowned bands, “Drummer, Author, Educator" page on Facebook, listen to his Podcast on Drummer’s Resource, or have gleaned some wisdom from his instructional videos and deep dives into the history of drumming and American popular music. One thing is for certain, Daniel Glass is pivotal drummer in modern times bridging the knowledge, the know how and the sounds of the history of music into his works today! And if you dont yet know Daniel Glass, this is a great way to begin your journey with Daniel Glass and the many talents that rides with him. Sign up today to Music in Motion and get 'Journey of a Thousand Miles' now! 


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