Galivantes Release New Single 'Circles and Boxes'

January 23, 2024

Galivantes Release New Single 'Circles and Boxes' Feb. 10th

Galivantes announce the release of their upcoming single 'Circles and Boxes' available February 10th available on all music platforms.The band describes the story of this powerful anthem, stating it is about how sometimes you just don't fit in, but how it can be liberating to not care about breaking the constraints of social norms and conformity. The Inspiration for 'Circles and Boxes' came from a personal experience of front-person Rachele Evaroa, who was told by music industry professionals that all the songs need to follow a set structure and not deviate from it. This left Rachele feeling restricted and frustrated. She went away to write a song that defied all their rules. 'Circles and Boxes' encourages the listener to embrace individuality and to reject pressure to accede to societal expectations. Not everything needs to have an angle in a world of boxes, be a circle.

Circles and Boxes, lyrically, vocally and musically mirrors the intention of the song, with multiple genres blended making a perfect blend that you cant help but jive to.

Galivants are an eight-piece rowdy ska band from Manchester, whose sound is hard to pin down. Their range of influences sprawl from ska punk, reggae, disco, folk and rock. Described as a blend of The Pixies and Sublime, mixing strong driving beats with fiery vocals, crunching guitars, funky bass, and a chaotic cacophony of brass, all wrapped up around a politically charged power-to-the-people message.

 'Circle and Boxes' Will be available on all music streaming platforms on Febuarary 10. 2024 and can be heard on Racketeer Radio KFQX


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