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Hot Off The Press October 2023 Playlist Now Available

November 06, 2023

Hot Off The Press Playlist for October 2023 Now Available!

NOVEMEBER 06 2023 - Ace Hartmann

October has come and gone as fast as it arrived! I feel like this has been one of the fastest months this year and as it comes to an end, as always Racketeer Radio KFQX brings you all the newest singles that are added monthly to our station! Available now on Spotify is the October edition of Hot off the Press Playlist! From Messer Chups to BadCop BadCop to The Rolling Stones to GreenDay and more! Go to our playlist page, to find all of our playlists and platforms. Below is the tracklist for our October Hot Off the Press Playlist

Greg Kuehn - Medicine Man

The Rolling Stones - Sweet Sounds Of Heaven (feat. Lady Gaga & Stevie Wonder)

Eli Paperboy Reed - Ace Of Spades

The Gaslight Anthem - Autumn

Amigo the Devil - Cannibal Within

Messer Chups - Blood and Black Lace

The Menzingers - Try

Bad Cop Bad Cop  - Safe and Legal

Thomas Nicholas Band - Tomorrow's Gonna Hurt

Well Adjusted - Community

Taken Days - Over Zelle Us

Shook Boys - Cant Control

Alkaline Trio - Blood, Hair & Eyeballs

The Iron Roses - Screaming for a Change

The Inciters - Bring Back the Weekend

Jake La Botz - Save This World (With Slackwax)

Green Day  - The American Dream is Killing Me

Joystick - Boxes

The Gaslight Anthem - Spider Bites

Cherry Poppin Daddies - Thrill Thing

The Drowns -Blacked Out


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