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Jakobs Castle New Single, 'Supervillain' Before We 'Enter the Castle'

March 13, 2024

photo by: Pep Williams

Jakobs Castle Unveils Single "Supervillain" as Final Preview of Debut Album. 'Enter The Castle'

Today, the musical maestro Jakob Nowell, son of the late Bradley Nowell of Sublime fame, has expanded the captivating universe of Jakobs Castle with the release of his latest single, "Supervillain." This track, co-written by Nowell himself alongside the legendary Tim Armstrong (of Rancid and Op Ivy), serves as the thrilling final preview of Nowell's highly anticipated debut album, "Enter The Castle," slated for release on April 12 via Epitaph Records.

"Supervillain" embodies a delightful fusion of playful pop elements entwined with a rocksteady, laid-back groove, showcasing Nowell's penchant for seamlessly blending 90s nostalgia, internet subcultures, and futuristic hyperpop. Nowell, the creative genius behind the project, explains that the song's inventive and whimsical lyrics are peppered with tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture and comic book imagery, all wrapped up in the theme of a crazed parasocial fanatic personified as a supervillain.

For Nowell, crafting music isn't merely a vocation but a journey of self-discovery and connection. Growing up in the shadow of his iconic father and navigating through personal struggles, including addiction, Nowell found solace and community through the exploration of art and internet subcultures. Jakobs Castle serves as his conduit for expression, a means to reach out to others who resonate with his unique blend of musical styles and lyrical themes.

Enter The Castle promises to be a musical odyssey that reflects Nowell's eclectic upbringing and diverse influences. Collaborating with producer Jon Joseph, Nowell has masterfully woven together 14 tracks that offer a modernized take on punk rock, drawing inspiration from emo-rap, ska-punk, and hyperpop. With each song, Nowell aims to infiltrate different musical scenes while delivering music that is both eccentric and accessible.

The critical acclaim surrounding Jakobs Castle has been nothing short of remarkable, with singles like "Time Traveler" and "Catch Me" garnering praise from esteemed publications such as AltPress, Rolling Stone, and SPIN. Relix Magazine describes Nowell's music as a fusion of Sublime's laid-back vibe, OutKast's genre-defying energy, and the experimental beats of Gorillaz, highlighting the album's unique sonic landscape.

In a significant announcement, it was revealed earlier this year that original Sublime members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh will reunite with Jakob Nowell as the frontman of Sublime at this year's Coachella Music Festival, further solidifying Nowell's place in the annals of music history. Moreover, Nowell, now over six years sober, has become a beacon of hope as a board member of The Nowell Family Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to offering addiction recovery services to the music community.

Currently, Jakobs Castle is in the midst of a captivating 40-date tour alongside G. Love & Special Sauce, captivating audiences across the nation with their electrifying performances. The tour is set to conclude in Boulder, CO on March 16 at the Fox Theatre, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the release of "ENTER: THE CASTLE" and the continued musical evolution of Jakob Nowell.

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