Jess & The Dropouts Release 'Beautiful Disaster'

January 23, 2024

Jess & The Dropouts Release New Single, ‘Beautiful Disaster’

Jess & The Dropouts have just released their newest single, ‘Beautiful Disaster.’ A song that takes you on an emotional journey carried by passionate vocals and distorted riffs. 'Beautiful Disaster' instantly sticks out by the blaring guitar that kicks off the song, which made me think of a 50s ballad like a Richie Valens or a Buddy Holly tune with distortion. There is an emotional tone of the song captured by lyricist/singer/bassist, Jessica Yalango who stated this song is a deeply personal one for the band, saying this:

“While this may be our fourth release, it’s actually the first song I ever wrote. After 12 years, I saw my marriage crumble and my world turn upside down- thankfully, I had these guys standing by me to help me rediscover myself and pick up the pieces! ‘Beautiful Disaster’ mirrors my experience, telling the story of watching a chapter of your life come to a painful close, choosing to appreciate it for the beauty it once held, and stepping empowered into a new beginning.”

Jess and the Dropouts recorded 'Beautiful Disaster' at Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park, New Jersey, ‘Beautiful Disaster’ is available now and can be heard on Racketeer Radio KFQX.


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