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LIVE Ragtime Remotes Abound

November 13, 2023

Have you checked out our Live Remote Broadcasts page recently?  It is worth a gander, my friend! We hope to share our inagrual visit to this momentous festival with you in the best way we know how- broadcasting LIVE from the festival floor(s) directly to your ears. In fact, we recommend taking a break from Netflix, Prime, & AppleTV for a bit. Need not worry, Ted Lasso will be there tomorrow. The collective, yet geographically diverse, listening experience is only going to happen on the night-of. The spontaneity of LIVE radio cannot be reproduced. Instead of watching season 3 of The Office for the seventh time, grab a snack of your choosing & sit without the screen inches away from your face for a change of pace- we dare you! You might even find it refreshing. 

Our ragtime remotes rejoice at this year's West Coast Ragtime Festival Nov 17th - 19th. Join us on the following dates:

Friday, Nov 17th '23   |   Saturday, Nov 18th '23    |   Sunday, Nov 19th '23


Bonus snack recommendation: Honestly, what sounds better than sitting down with freshly baked David's Cookie from Costco, pouring some Hershey's  Hot Cocoa, & lounging around enjoying live pianists performing for you in the comfort of your own home? 

NOTE: The products link above are not affiliate links- they're just damn tasty. 


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