M.U.T.T. Releases 'S.F. is Killing Me' from Upcoming E.P.

February 01, 2024

M.U.T.T. Announces their upcoming release, 'Dirty Deeds E.P.'

San Francisco, a city renowned for its rich musical history, has long served as a breeding ground for groundbreaking acts that defy genre boundaries and push the boundaries of sonic exploration. From the genre-defining power pop of The Flaming Groovies in the 70s to the gruff but melodic punk of Jawbreaker in the 90s, the city's legacy in the American underground musical landscape is truly unparalleled.

Emerging as the latest torchbearers of this storied tradition are M.U.T.T. Born out of the ashes of his previous band Culture Abuse, John Jr. found himself at a crossroads, uncertain of how to proceed. After failed attempts at various musical projects, a glimmer of hope emerged when he shared some home recordings with former Culture Abuse bandmate Matt Walker. This spark of creativity eventually led to the formation of M.U.T.T., with Junior recruiting additional members Isa Anderson and Shane Plitt to complete the lineup.

What began as a lo-fi bedroom project quickly evolved into a fully realized band, united by a desire to move forward from the challenges of their past experiences. While their debut release, "Bad to the Bone," showcased a more straightforward rock and roll sound, it is their upcoming album, "Dirty Deeds," that truly encapsulates the essence of M.U.T.T.: a fusion of genres and influences that defy categorization.

Recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered by the acclaimed Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden East in Oakland, California, "Dirty Deeds" is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene. Shirley, known for his Grammy-nominated work with Deafheaven, brings his expertise to the table, ensuring that every nuance of M.U.T.T.'s sound is captured with precision and clarity.

Set to be released digitally on February 23rd by Quiet Panic, "Dirty Deeds" promises to be a bold statement from a band unafraid to challenge conventions and push boundaries. With its eclectic mix of influences and undeniable energy, this album is sure to cement M.U.T.T.'s place as one of San Francisco's most exciting new acts. In celebration of the new E.P., M.U.T.T. has released the debut single, 'S.F. is Killing Me'

For fans of innovative and genre-defying music, M.U.T.T. is a band not to be missed. Stay tuned for the release of "Dirty Deeds" and prepare to embark on a sonic journey unlike any other.


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