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Plizzken Returns with Explosive Second Album: "Do You Really Wanna Know?"

March 22, 2024

Plizzken Returns with Explosive Second Album: "Do You Really Wanna Know?"

By Racketeer Radio KFQX  |  March 22, 2024 | 

The streets are alive once again with the electrifying sounds of Plizzken! The German punk rockers have made a triumphant return, unleashing their highly anticipated second LP, "Do You Really Wanna Know?" This latest offering from the band is set to make waves in the punk community and beyond, showcasing their signature style with a renewed vigor and infectious energy.

Led by frontman Sebi, who also fronts the long-standing streetpunk act Stomper 98, Plizzken burst onto the scene with their debut LP, earning acclaim from the international punk scene. Singing entirely in English, Sebi's powerful vocals resonated with fans worldwide. However, a setback struck when Sebi faced a debilitating workplace accident. Yet, with unwavering determination, he defied all odds for a full recovery, even managing to produce a hard-hitting new record with Stomper 98.

Now, refocused and razor-sharp, Sebi and the Plizzken crew have crafted 13 brand new tracks of anthemic working-class street punk that are sure to thrill fans while surprising newcomers. What immediately stands out is the band's renewed emphasis on melody and hooks, making each track irresistibly catchy. From the infectious rhythm of "Memory Lane" to the post-punk/new wave groove of "I Don't Wanna," these songs demand attention.

Despite their unyielding commitment to portraying the gritty realities of life and rallying cries for the working class, Plizzken's sound on "Do You Really Wanna Know?" is one of renewal and positivity. Tracks like "Mad World" echo this sentiment, urging everyone to "FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT" with impassioned gang vocals.

While boasting decades of experience in the punk scene, Plizzken's latest album exudes the energy and hunger of a young band seizing a fresh lease on life. Their fusion of street-level punk rock with pop sensibility and rebellious spirit, executed with the finesse of seasoned musicians, makes "Do You Really Wanna Know?" a must-listen.

Partnering with Pirates Press Records, Plizzken is set to unleash their album on 12" Electric Blue vinyl with various eye-catching designs, including Black & White Splatter, Glitter, Gold, and classic Black. The album will be available worldwide on March 22, promising to have both old and new fans alike dancing, singing, and raising their fists in solidarity.

In a world hungry for authentic punk rock with heart and soul, Plizzken's "Do You Really Wanna Know?" delivers in spades, cementing their status as torchbearers for the genre's timeless spirit of rebellion and resilience.


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