Pokey Lafarge New Single, Upcoming Album, 'Rhumba Country ' with Tour Dates in the US/UK

February 13, 2024

Pokey Lafarge New Single, Upcoming Album, 'Rhumba Country ' with Tour Dates in the US/UK

Pokey Lafarge has announced his follow up to his 2021 'In the Blossom of Their Shade'. The New album, 'Rhumba Country' will be released from New West Reocords, May 10th. The country crooners also peeled back the curtains on the new albume today with the albums first single, 'Sister Andre' which he had to say this about the new song,

“‘Sister André’ is a love song for those who are lonely and looking and waiting to love and be loved. An encouragement to never give up the patient pursuit. It could come at any time! Encouragement, in this case, comes from Sister André, who inspired this song the day of her passing after 118 years of age.” and giving a positive turn of music for his new album,“There was a time when I glorified sadness because I lost sight of who I was,” the artist shares, “but now I understand that creating and expressing joy is my gift, and gifts are meant to be shared.

The rest of the 10 track album, Rhumba Country is expected to follow suit,“Listening to a lot of music from around the world helped simplify my approach,” he shares. “The more you listen to music from around the world, you realize everybody’s got their form of country music.” LaFarge adds that Rhumba Country takes its name from the idea that music can’t be put into a box, sorted and catagorized into genres. “It’s poking fun at the futility of boxing everything into a few genres, ‘What is folk music? What is country or soul?’ I’ve always bucked at all those boundaries and found it much more exciting to create my own genre.”

Along with the news of the new album and its first single, Pokey Lafarge has announced tour dates in the US & the UK Including a VIP Soundcheck upgrade. The Pokey Lafarge Rhumba Country 2024 is set to sail to Seattle June 12th at the Crocodile

Rhumba Country Tracklist:

1.One You, One Me
2. For A Night
3. Run Run Run
4. Like A Sailor
5. Sister Andre
6. So Long Chicago
7. It’s Not Over
8. Home Home Home
9. Made To Be Loved
10. You Make My Garden Grow


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