Punk’n’Rollers, Mala Vista Release “In The Dark”

January 24, 2024

Photo by Jason Yamauchi

NYC Punk’n’Rollers Mala Vista Release the first single,

  “In The Dark”, from their sophomore release “Fun Time”

If you saw the four of them walking the streets of NYC in their leather motorcycle jackets, judging by looks and presence alone you would know that they were a band. Mala Vista (translates to bad view or bad sight) formed in 2017 with Myke Miranda, Manny Dominguez,  Erik LAMF and Ben Heyman, all sharing a love of the glory days of punk rock. Mala Vista stays true to the legendary bands like Eddie and The Hot Rods, The Zeros, The Kids, Ramones and Johnny Thunders.

Since forming, they’ve had a few releases, the most recent being their 2022 debut “Ruthless and Toothless” on No Front Teeth Records (UK).  Receiving positive press, worldwide. They’ve also shared the stage for renowned bands like The Kids, Protex, and Terry Six of The Exploding Hearts. 


Mala Vista Photo By Johan Vipper

The first single, “In The Dark”,  from their sophomore release “Fun Time”, out in March 2022, draws influence from iconic punk bands while adding their own Mala Vista flair to it. “In The Dark'' keeps it short, simple and catchy, you’ll be humming “waiting in the dark” after just one listen.

Mala Vista “Fun Time” is coming out in March 2024 exclusively on Spaghetty Town Records.  Spaghetty Town wanted to give your ears a taste of what they’ve been needing.  “Fun Time”  will be available on all major download and streaming websites.  Also available on limited edition black or white vinyl from Spaghetty Town Records or Mala Vista directly.  Look for them touring Europe in Spring of 2024!


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