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Regionalizing Our Racket – Las Vegas

May 03, 2024

By Maxfield Hunt  |  May '24  |  Racketeer Broadcast Association

Regionalizing Our Racket – Las Vegas

Did we trick ya’? Did KFQX develop a new language for our graphics? Was it time to add that extra “F” to our call-sign? 

Need not fear– As we emerge from NAB Las Vegas, what happened in Vegas may have been intended to stay in Vegas, but the treasures we unearthed are simply too extraordinary not to share.

Our mission was clear from the start—to bridge the gap between modern-day Sin City and its origins, tracing the footsteps of the masterminds who shaped the entertainment capital of the world. Though we couldn't explore every showroom or back alley, the places we did manage to venture into were, on average, spellbounding. Amidst the incessant buzz of Las Vegas Blvd that gradually becomes a calming lull, we found ourselves amidst a tapestry of events—The National Association of Broadcasters, the vibrant Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, and an endless array of entertainment opportunities around every corner. Knowing we couldn’t capture it all in one short week, we honed in on cultural spaces that narrated the fascinating tale of Las Vegas's genesis– from the glamor of being in a stage spotlight to the grit of organized crime.

Watch out for what's brewing– a captivating journey awaits as we delve into the narrative of The Burlesque Hall of Fame, where the allure of yesteryears' glamor is preserved with utmost reverence. And then there's the enigmatic Las Vegas Mob Museum, a sanctuary that unravels the clandestine tales of organized crime that once cast shadows over the neon-lit streets. Our adventure may have only scratched the surface, but a fruitful exploration to say the least. So, as we prepare to unveil the stories that linger behind the glittering facade of Las Vegas, one thing is for certain– get ready to break all the rules with us.

Be on the lookout for our longform Las Vegas programming to be aired next week! 


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