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Sit Down with the Burlesque Hall Of Fame

May 19, 2024

New Episode of Sit Down by the Fireside features The Burlesque Hall of Fame & Museum

Join Maxfield & Eric Hunt in discussion with Dustin Wax, The Burlesque Museum Executive Director, in a continuation of our series on Las Vegas. We sit down to discuss this Sin City temptation sanctuary– a place shedding light on performances seen as taboo, but as we find out, it's nothing of the sort.

Get a sense of how secrets, scandals, and spectacle make burlesque timeless and titillating. Burlesque, like all great art,has always pushed the boundaries of social norms, challenging our notions of beauty, sexuality, power, and free expression. By embracing the power of burlesque to challenge and delight, we gain a deeper understanding of the human spirit. The Burlesque Museum & Hall of Fame is more than just a repository of artifacts and memorabilia; it's a testament to the enduring power of burlesque to captivate and inspire. Within its walls, secrets, scandals, and spectacle come alive, revealing the rich history and cultural significance of this often-misunderstood art form. So, come and indulge in the thrill of the tease, the wit of the wisecrack, and the artistry of the strip – all at The Burlesque Museum & Hall of Fame! Enjoy the gallery, rotating exhibitions, & events bringing new life to this world.

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