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Starving Wolves Roar with Single, 'Nothing More' From New Album

May 01, 2024

Starving Wolves Roar with Defiant Punk Album: The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang

By Ace Hartmann | Racketeer Broadcast Association  | 

In a defiant declaration against the shadows lurking in our world, Austin, Texas's own Starving Wolves has unleashed a sonic upheaval with their latest LP, "The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang." With unyielding fervor, they challenge the very essence of punk, turning it on its head and igniting a flame that refuses to be extinguished.

The journey through this album begins with "Nothing More," a track that pays homage to traditional Mexican and12 - Starving Wolves - Cover.jpg (1018 KB) Latin American music with its blend of guitars and horns. It swiftly morphs into a cacophony of militaristic drums, evoking imagery reminiscent of a showdown in a classic spaghetti western. Lead singer and lyricist, David Rodriguez, channels a raw, punk rock energy as he screams into the void, rallying for the downtrodden: "Raised in fear! Bathed in blood! Crucified, we are reborn!"

This apocalyptic tone reverberates throughout the record, as Starving Wolves fearlessly tackle societal issues head-on. From condemning police brutality in "Burn the Stations" to offering support for mental health struggles in "Please Listen," the band refuses to shy away from the uncomfortable truths of our world. Rodriguez, drawing from his own Mexican-American heritage, delves into the complexities of cultural identity in "Mixed Blood," seamlessly weaving between English and Spanish to articulate a narrative that resonates across linguistic boundaries.

But Starving Wolves doesn't just preach their message; they live it. Proceeds from the album go towards supporting mental health initiatives for indigenous youth, exemplified by their efforts to build skate parks on reservation land. Through this, they provide a beacon of hope and opportunity for vulnerable communities, combining athleticism and creativity as a means of empowerment.

"The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang" is not just an album; it's a manifesto of resilience. It's a primal scream of survival and hope amidst the darkness that threatens to engulf us. And now, thanks to a collaboration with Pirates Press Records, this extraordinary record is set to reach the masses. Available in various vinyl editions, pre-orders kick off on March 8th through the PPR webstore, with the album hitting shelves on May 3rd, 2024.

In a world that often feels bleak, Starving Wolves reminds us that the fire within us can never be extinguished, even in the face of the darkest nights.


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