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Sublime X Stick Figure Releases New Single, "Feel Like That"

May 24, 2024

Sublime Teams Up With Stick Figure For A New Single, "Feel Like That"

By Ace Hartmann | Racketeer Broadcast Association  | 

In a thrilling announcement earlier this year, legendary band Sublime revealed the reunion of original members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson, with Jakob Nowell, son of the late Bradley Nowell, stepping in as the new frontman. The revamped lineup made their official debut at Coachella 2024, earning rave reviews from fans and critics alike, and marking the beginning of a new era for Sublime.

The trio's performance at Coachella solidified Jakob Nowell's role in the band, blending his fresh energy with Sublime's classic sound. As the son of the band's iconic former singer, Bradley Nowell, Jakob brings a unique connection to Sublime's legacy while ushering in a new chapter.

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Continuing their momentum, Sublime has teamed up with Stick Figure for a new single, "Feel Like That." The track is a remarkable fusion of alternative and reggae sounds, featuring vocals from Bradley Nowell, Stick Figure, and Jakob Nowell. This collaboration is particularly special as it marks the first time father and son are featured together on a song.

"Feel Like That" stands out as a rare posthumous release from Bradley Nowell, who passed away tragically in 1996 at the age of 28. Now, 28 years later, his son Jakob carries on his legacy, infusing the track with both nostalgia and innovation. The song is produced by Grammy award-contributing producers Stick Figure and Johnny Cosmic, along with longtime Sublime collaborator Michael “Miguel” Happoldt.

As Sublime continues to evolve, "Feel Like That" showcases the seamless blend of past and present, delivering a sound that remains true to the band's roots while embracing new influences.

In addition to the new single, Sublime will be performing live throughout 2024 at select music festivals across North America. Fans can look forward to experiencing the band's classic hits and new material with the vibrant presence of Jakob Nowell leading the charge.

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