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Taken Days Release Third Single, 'Dont Take Me Home'

November 08, 2023

Taken Days Release Third Single From Upcoming Album 'Any Minute'

Taken Days is a melodic pop punk rock trio from Orange County, California.  The band was established in 2017.  After two EP releases, Taken Days’ debut full-length album “Every Second…” was released by Wiretap Records in March of 2021.  With the collaboration of producer Cameron Webb, the album quickly gained momentum and created bigger opportunities and a larger following for the band. 

In early 2023 Taken Days finished their second full-length album.  Working again with producer Cameron Webb, but on this endeavor, they spent over one year crafting the songs through rehearsals, demos, and preproduction meetings.  This effort has enhanced the band’s songwriting dynamic to include a faster and edgier sound,  while not abandoning the band’s mid-tempo/ pop punk/ emo/ big chorus with the two lead singers’ signature sound.  This latest effort will surely become a fan favorite and turn the heads of others who had not previously given the band their attention. The new album “Any Minute” will be released through SBÄM Records in Europe and 55Rose Records in North America in the fall of 2023. 

"Don’t Take Me Home" is about someone who will not let the party die.  Listen to the contradicting verses between Corey and Brent as they debate between keeping the night going or suggesting that it's time to go home.", says singer Brent Waterworth.

Taken Days has performed with some of the genre’s leading and most legendary bands. Word of their energetic live performance has been spreading across the punk scene. The sound of Taken Days has often been compared to acts including; Alkaline Trio, MxPx, The Ataris, The Menzingers, Bayside, Teenage Bottlerocket, and Blink-182.

'Don't Take Me Home', is now available and it is the latest and third single from Taken Days' upcoming album, 'Any Minute', which will be dropping January 2024.


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