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The Anti-Queens 'Disenchanted' via Stomp Records

May 08, 2024

The Anti-Queens Doomed Again with Upcoming LP 'DISENCHANTED'

We are all about to get a jolt of adrenaline as The Anti-Queens, Toronto's beloved punk rock 'n' rollers, gear up to release their latest LP, "Disenchanted." With an advance single and video for the track "Doomed Again" already setting the stage on fire, the anticipation for their newest offering is reaching a fever pitch. Scheduled for a worldwide release on May 17th, 2024, via Stomp Records in both digital and vinyl formats, "Disenchanted" promises to be a manifesto of unapologetic punk energy.

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For over a decade, The Anti-Queens have been a driving force in Toronto's music scene, led by the fiercely talented duo of Emily Bones and Valerie Knox. Their punk-rock ethos challenges the status quo of a male-dominated industry, infusing their music with a raw, electrifying energy that commands attention. Renowned for their explosive live performances, they've garnered a reputation for their unstoppable dynamism and commanding stage presence.

The advance single, "Doomed Again," sets the tone for the album, blending the spirit of 1977 punk with a contemporary edge reminiscent of bands like Bad Religion and Green Day. With lyrics that weave defiance and sincerity, and hooks that sink deep into the soul, The Anti-Queens pay homage to their punk roots while injecting a fresh vitality into the genre.

The accompanying music video for "Doomed Again," directed by Emily Bones and Michael Crusty, captures the essence of the song with a passionate performance from the band. Shot in Ajax and Oshawa, Ontario, the video features the band members immersed in their element, accompanied by two wild ghost figures navigating the streets before joining in the electrifying jam session. It's a visual testament to the resilience and determination inherent in the pursuit of dreams, even in the face of adversity.

Reflecting on the creative process behind the video, Valerie Knox remarked, “Doomed Again is a love letter to all the bands out there who never stop doing the grind. There’s almost always something that can and will go wrong, but it’s never dull being in a rock n’ roll band.”

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Since their inception in 2012 by the visionary Emily Bones, The Anti-Queens have been carving their unique mark on the international punk rock landscape. With a sound as defiant as their name suggests, they've toured extensively across Canada, the United States, and Europe, sharing stages with notable acts and gracing festivals worldwide.

Their upcoming album, "Disenchanted," is poised to ignite the summer with its anthemic blend of pop-punk-rock. From rebellious anthems to poignant reflections on love and society, The Anti-Queens promise a sonic journey that resonates with rebels, misfits, and outcasts alike. As they continue to push boundaries and inspire audiences worldwide, The Anti-Queens reaffirm their status as punk rock icons, unyielding in their commitment to the spirit of rock 'n' roll.


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