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The Babalooneys are 'Late To The Party'

May 10, 2024

The Babalooneys, Better late than never to release thier debut new album "Late to the Party"

Hi-Tide Recordings are stoked to announce Quebéc City "Kings of the Surf" The Babalooneys debut LP "Late to the Party" available June 28 with pre-order avaialble now!

"Late to the Party" features 12 reverb-drenched instrumentals - mixed & mastered by Shorty Poole (The Hula Girls, Shorty's Swingin' Coconuts) - that you'll swear were written & recorded in 1962. The back cover features commentary by The Phantom Surfers' Johnny Bartlett.

'Surfin' north of the border? Mais oui, mon ami! The Babalooneys, those hot doggers from Quebec City, heat up Canada with the eternal sounds of summ...err... umm... winter!

From "South Shore," a delightful tune about the band's surfing safari to the Bay of Fundy, to the optimistically titled "Endless Winter" to "Wide Track Weekend" (about cruising around Québec City in the band's Pontiac Laurentian wagon to "Tomatillo" (an exotic type of green tomato that grows only in the Yukon tundra), the album you hold in your hands is hot enough to melt the snow then boil the water.

Richard's and Jean's Fender guitars are soaking wet with top-shelf melodies and driving rhythms that fit right in the groove with Antoine's bass and Chany's drums. The Babaloneys' secret weapon is Martin's tenor sax, adding depth and freshness.
Mon dieu! This combo is a Canadian cocktail of winter wonderment. Très bon! And the proverbial icing on this gâteau is the outstanding production from Shorty Poole (who is American, but don't hold that against him).

Oh, before I forget, I must say a word about the band's moniker. The name came from our old friends The Orangu-Tones (those Mile High hodads of yore). O-tones ace guitar picker Garrett Brittenham mentioned to Richard, while sharing a plate of poutine, that The Orangu-Tones were this close to calling themselves The Baba Louie's-after the cartoon hero Quick Draw McGraw's trusty sidekick Baba Looey, the loveable Québécois donkey who speaks English with a French-Canadian accent. Well, Richard knows a great idea when he hears one.

Drop the needle and experience an aural aurora borealis!'

-Johnny Bartlett of California


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