The Right Here - Northern Town

October 15, 2021
The Right Here turns a new page with their latest release, ‘Northern Town.’ Their fourth record is an anthem dedicated to the late nights we’ve all experienced. From reminiscing about the ones that got away (or for being better-off), feeling trapped, spending time with the best of souls at your favorite local haunt, and asking yourself, “what if?” ‘Northern Town’ explores a narrative to which we can all relate. The grit and wisdom gained since their previous release comes through in the melodies and lyrics from start to finish. Buy ‘em a round at their next tour stop, and they’ll return the favor.

Release Date October 22, 2021

Recorded and Mixed in 2019/2020 by Andy Mathison (Class of 86, Slow Death, Remo Drive) at Immortal Audio and Treespeak Studios in Minneapolis and Columbia Heights, MN
Mastered by Jakob Braun (Little Teeth, Dollars for Deadbeats)

All songs written by The Right Here
Guest Vocals on Good Luck Trying by Cory Call
Guest Vocals on That Gap Between... by Micah Schnabel
Guest Vocals & Guitar Solos on Something Went Wrong With Us by Todd Farrell
Guest Vocals & whatever else he wanted to do on most songs by Andy Mathison

Artwork by Joe Maiocco


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