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Radio Remote Broadcasts

See whats on the Radio Remote Broadcast Calendar & hear live music on Racketeer Radio KFQX

Popular radio during the 1930s and throughout the 1940s included live coast-to-coast radio transmissions of “big bands”, or dance bands. These live radio remotes were held mostly in hotels, ballrooms, restaurants and clubs. During the war years, it was expanded to include military bases and defense plants. Racketeer Radio KFQX continues this tradition of Radio Remotes bringing you live music stright from the clubs to your house! 

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Racketeer Radio KFQX has had the honor to host Live Radio Remotes broadcasting from some of the most iconic and historic venues and clubs with some amazing and talented Musicians! noted dates:

01.06.22 First Live Radio Remote -Cosmo Alley Cats - Mr. Tipples - San Franscico

05.12.22 Live from Al Capones' Green Mill - Alan Gresiks Swing Orchestra - Chicago

04.20.22 - 04.19.23 The Annual Generations in Jazz Festival- Rossmoor Event Center - Walnut Creek

07.23.23 Sunset Serenades at the top of the Mark - Nick Rossi - Mark Hopkins Hotel - San Franscico

11.12.23 The Cicadia Club - Alex Mendham & His Orchestra - The Cicadia Club - Los Angeles

04.22.23 Spring Swing Aboard The SS Red Oak Victory - Evelyn and Her Vintage Ties - SS Red Oak Victory Richmond, Ca


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