New Social Distortion Album in 2022

October 27, 2021

In a updated Instagram post from Social Distortions' front man, Mike Ness. He gave a quick sentence or two on himself during the last year and the status of the long awaited follow up album to the bands 2011 L.P. 'Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes'. saying this:


"Moved my auto shop up north last year which was a lot more work than I realized then the build out started which took 8 months. Everything here now and finishing the writing of new album to be recorded February or March….. this time for sure people I promise!! I’m really excited about the songs , which we had over 40 to go thru and pick most appropriate for this album. Good news is that we can record those next year! Just want to thank everyone for their patience and can assure you it’ll be worth the wait."

As Mike Ness made his debut as a producer on 'Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes', it's a good bet that he will be behind the board again producing the bands eighth album, which the name is still yet to be announced. I am also gamboling when I say it will be released on Epitaph Records as the previous release 'Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes'. All will be known as time goes by, but the anticipation will continue to grow until it's release, promised in 2022, by Mike Ness himself.


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