Koop Kooper

November 21, 2020

Kooper himself is a man who lives the Cocktail Nation life full-time, wearing vintage attire, living in a penthouse bachelor pad, and driving the 1964  Austin Healey sports car. 

He hosts Cocktail Nation, an internationally Syndicated radio show across twenty radio stations along with the very popular podcast.

This Man's Man, Ladies Man and Man about Town provides the globe with the best in new and vintage Exotica and Lounge music each week plus he talks to the movers and shakers of the lounge and tiki scene.
He is a DJ, writer and voiceover artist, known around Sydney town as a hepster always on the lookout for some crazy music. He mostly listens to lounge and exotica and loves the new stuff coming out of that vibrant scene.

Kooper has been an avid collector of late-fifties and early-sixties furniture for over fifteen years and has some truly amazing pieces. Naturally, this swinger digs clothing, and he firmly believes that a well-dressed man should be a well-dressed man in vintage threads at all times, not just weekends.
This man can cut a rug when required but, this swingin' animal can usually be found propping up the bar--his diet includes the famed blue martini and most finger foods. Working in the media as he does, Koop is often pictured at A-list events and is likely to turn up at the opening of a letter.
Must be why the ladies like him: he's manly, but well-dressed--and boy, can he pack a punch!


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